This is I Bathroom Renovations Sydney, a company that specialises in high-quality renovations made quickly and efficiently so that you can go about your business as if we were never there. Not only do we offer fair prices and quality service, but we also offer a fair bit of creativity. We are willing to work with you on your bathroom designs to ensure that the finished product looks exactly as you envisioned it. We also offer patience to our prospective customers on the phone, listening to every need as described in order to offer an estimated service price that accounts for every imaginable detail of the work that will be required.


Here at I Bathroom Renovations Sydney, we endeavour to serve all of your bathroom needs. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Bathroom renovations – We offer a variety of bathroom renovation services. Whether the bathroom in question is in dire need of repairs or the owner simply desires a complete overhaul of its current design and layout, we will work with the customer to ensure that all various needs are met by the time of completion.
  • Small bathroom renovations – Small bathrooms can sometimes be much harder to work with. Those with small bathrooms are more likely to feel that their home is being invaded, as workers may have to keep various equipment and materials scattered throughout the hallway. I Bathroom Renovations Sydney mitigates this concern, performing clean and efficient work despite the limited space.
  • Ensuite renovations – The major problem with ensuite renovations is that they often require workers to traipse through the bedroom in dirty clothes, potentially staining the rub with their boots and equipment. Not only do we guarantee to leave a clean space behind us, but we also do our best not to soil our workspace to begin with.
  • Fixtures and fittings – It is not most commonly the entire bathroom that needs to be renovated, but rather simply specific fixtures and fittings. These fixtures may include basins, bathtubs, bidets, and more. Various pipes and fittings may also be in need of replacement.
  • Bathroom design concepts – If you wish to have your bathroom renovated for purely aesthetic purposes, we will certainly be able to help you out. Some services may not be able to do design concepts, as these can actually be more complicated than straightforward repairs and renovations. Here at I Bathroom Renovations Sydney, we embrace this challenge with open arms.